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Lady together nectaring on thistles near Triangular. Golf Course/Marshalling Yards/Pevensey: Meadow Brown : 17 Purple Hairstreak : 1 Gatekeeper : 8 Brown Argus : 6 Common Blue : 1 Small White : 2 Green-veined White : 3 Large White : 2 Red Admiral : 1 and 2 Jersey Tigers Peter Gore. Moths: Cinnabar larvae on ragwort; Narrow-bordered 5-spot Burnet starting to emerge (2 flying, 1 drying wings). Guess I will never know. We started at the north pit just after.30 in cloudy, windy and poor conditions. The last one we knew about were the huge elms beside the M4 in Harlington (TQ0878) and it didn't take long for us to see at least 5 individuals high up in the canopy of these magnificent elms.

1 female Green-veined White and 1 female Small White near Hadley Road/Vicarage Farm (TQ 30 97) Robert Callf 23 Aug Whilst walking our dog on Shortwood Common North (on the north-eastern fringe of Staines at TQ047718) I saw the following species: Meadow Brown, Common Blue. The first confirmed adult sighting in our branch area since 1998 Andrew Wood 19 Jul A female Common Blue in my Stevenage garden at 6:45 pm - first time ever!

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Her photo confirmed it as a female Holly Blue David Hunt 26 Apr Hounslow: An afternoon walk, weather similar to yesterday but a little colder: Hounslow Heath: Peacock : trender i dejtingsajter 1 Green-veined White : 2 Heath-ex Golf Course: Speckled Wood : 1 Green-Veined White :. 1 Garden Carpet at asda Southgate at 01:00 hrs Robert Callf 18 Jun 1 Speckled Wood - Oughtonhead Lane, Hitchin TL172298 David Inward 18 Jun 2 White Admirals at Balls Wood and 1 Ringlet plus the usual Meadow Browns, Large Skipper, Comma, Speckled Woods and. 1 Lime-speck Pug at asda Southgate Robert Callf 25 May Male Common Blue at Golders Green Crematorium (TQ252879) Paul Busby 25 May 1 Cinnabar at Grovelands Park, Southgate this afternoon Robert Callf 25 May Hounslow: Not much to report on a cloudy day, just. This is the full list: Small White : 4 Large White : 7 Green-veined White : 2 Holly Blue : 4 Peacock : 1 Speckled Wood : 2 Brown Argus : 22 Meadow Brown : 11 Common Blue : 15 Small Copper : 1 Small. Lovely early afternoon: 15 plus Small Heath and 20 plus Brown Argus were most prevalent, 6 Brimstone, 3 Common Blue, Speckled Wood, 2 Dingy Skippers, whites and Orange-tips, no Grizzled Skippers or Green Hairstreak. I realised that it was laying eggs, and after a bit of searching I discovered some of the blue-green ova nestled in the flower buds Dave Miller 3 May 1 Brimstone - St Faiths Close, Hitchin TL19873030 David Inward 3 May Harpenden Common: 3 Orange-tip.

6-spot Burnet was the most numerous moth, though I also saw Dusky Sallow, Shaded Broad-bar, Silver Y and many Cinnabar moth caterpillars Malcolm Hull 14 Jul The most unusual sight of the day came when I was standing on the bridge within the Pevensey loop. At Water Lane, Watford 1 Holly Blue, 3 Comma, 2 Small White, 1 Common Blue, 22 Mother of Pearl moths. A car had burned on the Heath near the railway. I'd be really interested to hear from anyone else who encounters Small Tortoiseshells hibernating Malcolm Hull 10 Jul.30 pm I went into my north facing kitchen (Stevenage) and saw a Silver-washed Fritillary fluttering around outside. Even better, across the road at Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park (TQ 36 82 saw a Painted Lady (record added to Migrant Watch 2 Essex Skippers, a Large Skipper, 3 Comma, a Red Admiral, a Holly Blue, 10 Gatekeepers, 10 Small and Green-veined Whites, 4 Ringlets. We were able to get good views of several Dingy Skippers and 20 were recorded either on the field or in the 'pits'. We also found 1 egg on Common Agrimony.

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